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About Us

The Motoring Brigade: Who We Are

The Motoring Brigade is all about motoring. We are here to provide high-quality, curated auto-tainment (automotive entertainment). We scour the internet for the best quality content, and filter it all down for your enjoyment. We want to be your ultimate motoring community.

Membership vs. Community

At this point The Motoring Brigade is made up of one person, Jon Daiello. We plan to expand out into a full brigade of members once we’re off the ground. If you want to be a full-fledged member of this legendary automotive community, keep your ears to the ground, and come back often.

If you want to be an author, and contribute to the Motoring Brigade content, feel free to contact us at, and start a conversation.

In the mean time, we encourage you to be a part of our growing community by commenting on posts, suggesting new content pieces, sharing as many entries as possible, and all around involvement in our close community.

What We’re Not

Anything listed below is the fast track to being blacklisted from our membership:

No Street Racing or Unsafe Driving

We don’t endorse street racing, or irresponsible and dangerous driving habits. If you want to race, take it to the track. Period. Please, don’t encourage, or post any type of material that depicts street racing, or other unsafe driving habits.

No Fighting

Everyone has an opinion, and that’s most of the reason we exist. We want to hear what you, the driver has to say. Lively discussion and debate is encouraged, but, if you’re here to pick a fight, please do us all a favor and save your breath.