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1964 Porsche 356 vs. 2014 Volkswagen Beetle GSR

Obviously, this isn’t a fair comparison…or is it? If you take all of the aspects of these two vehicles (such as power, styling, appeal, historical value, etc) and consider their values, there are actually some interesting aspects.


The Porsche 356 comes in around 90hp and the Beetle GSR has over double that power. However, when you consider what the engineers had to work with at the time of the builds, it’s amazing that the 356 was able to achieve with such a low power engine. The GSR basically steals a stock motor from another car. Porsche 356 for the win.


The Beetle GSR has virtually the same styling, with some fancy stickers and wheels. The 356 had a sleek new body that was vastly different from the original Beetle it was based on. It was a huge departure from it’s previous look, and included lots of visual and functional enhancements. Porsche 356 wins again.

Historical Value

Since the Beetle GSR does harken back to the days of World War 2, and does maintain some remnant of the original spirit, we’ll give it some points here. The Porsche 356 also gets huge points for really being one of the first in a generation of amazing sports cars. We’ll call this one a draw, even though personal bias pushes us in different directions.

Overall Appeal

These two cars will have appeal to completely different markets. Personally, I’d be shocked to see someone interested in both of these cars at the same time in their lives.


Even though many classic car collectors would scoff at the Beetle GSR, it’s an interesting comparison when you start to think it through. There will obviously be some appeal for the GSR, but there’s just something special about owning a piece of history like the Porsche 356. You can also see the always-entertaining Top Gear’s rendition of a Porsche Turbo vs an old VW Beetle.

There’s something intriguing about a Beetle making 200hp, but that’s not enough to way me from choosing the Beetle over the historical value of the Porsche 356.

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