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BMW E46 M3 vs. Ford Fiesta ST

You might look at this comparison and say, really? How can any BMW M3 be compare to a Ford Fiesta? Well, there’s a good reason behind it all. It’s the new vs. used debate, and what can you pick up for $22,000.

The BMW E46 M3 was in production between 2000-2006, so this is obviously our used choice. It’s a great car, but you’ll have to be willing to deal with any headaches that may come with your purchase.

On the other hand, you can pick up a brand new 2015 Ford Fiesta ST for about the same as the used BMW. Plus, you get that new car smell.

You might still be tempted to say there’s no comparison, but after watching this video, what do you think? Would you have the new Fiesta ST or the used M3?

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Jon Daiello is husband, father, and an automotive nut. He loves the rumble of a motor, the intricacies of tuning, and the symphony of notes sung by a well matched exhaust. Motoring Brigade is his outlet for all things automotive.

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