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BMW Returns to a Proper M5: 600hp V8

Earlier this week BMW announced that, in celebration of 30 years of the M5, they’re bringing back the V8 powertain…in a big way. They’ve dubbed it the: BMW M5 “30 Jahre M5” (30 years of the M5).



This limited edition M5 will sport a 4.4-litre V8 with M TwinPower Turbo making a whopping 600hp/516 lb-ft. Essentially, they’ve re-tuned the engine and are running a higher boost. In combination with the available Competition Package (which lowers and firms up the suspension, revises the chassis, and more…), this M5 rockets from 0-60mph in 3.9 sec. All of this makes the new “30 Jahre M5” the most powerful M5 to date.


BMW plans to only make limited run of 300, each with it’s own unique number plate (i.e. 1/300) adorning the front driver and passenger door sills. This M5 will also be badged throughout the car with the unique “30 Jahre M5” badges. The skin of this special M5 is coated with BMW’s Frozen Dark Silver metallic paint, making the entire car pop with the black chrome elements throughout.



Thank you BMW, for this amazing and beautifully designed M5 model. Well done, we salute your valiant effort.

All Photos copyright BMW

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  • Nate Linder

    This has been my dream car for the last 15 years. I don’t care if the turbo 8 puts out slightly more bhp, a naturally aspirated 10 just sounds so much cooler. Both to the ear and when you say it’s got a v10

    • jonmotoringbrigade

      True, but if you have twin turbos…you have twin turbos. AND you get that unique spooling sound. Either way, they’re incredible cars!