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Fastest. Lotus. Ever.

When most people by an exotic, they are looking to own it because it’s brand. They’ll drive it and show it off to their friends. They’re happy to own a rare car. Not so with Frank Profera.

He was never really satisfied with his Lotus Elise. So, he’s spent the last 6 years modifying his Lotus Exige to make over 680hp through a dual charge system that stacks a supercharger and a massive turbo. (Keep in mind, this is a 1.8 liter engine.) It also now sticks to the ground with insane grip because it’s been widened by 9″. The power-to-weight ratio on this thing is what you’d find on a Formula One car, with 2.7lbs/hp.

When you step on the accelerator pedal, you better be ready for the consequences of that decision.

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Jon Daiello is husband, father, and an automotive nut. He loves the rumble of a motor, the intricacies of tuning, and the symphony of notes sung by a well matched exhaust. Motoring Brigade is his outlet for all things automotive.

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