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How to Wash Your Car

If you think you do a great job washing your car, then you’re probably wrong. Washing your car properly isn’t as easy as swapping your water, or using a nice wash glove. It’s crucial to properly wash your car to prevent fine swirls and scratches that dull your precious paint.

Larry from AmmoNYC provides a complete run down of how you should really be washing your car. He walks us through the steps of this truly delicate process:

  1. Before beginning, inspect the vehicle to look for trouble spots.
  2. Keep the car out of direct sunlight, and be sure the paint is cool before you start.
  3. Rinse down the wheels, then proceed to wash with dedicate wheel washing tools.
  4. Rinse down the entire car (be sure the paint is cool to the touch).
  5. Begin the washing process (use a foam gun or 2 bucket method)
  6. Allow soapy foam to carry the loose dirt away.
  7. Using the foam gun, spray under your wash mitten and lightly carry dirt away. Continue to wash the entire vehicle.
  8. Rise the car.
  9. Dry the car (you can also use the Hydrate product from AmmyNYC). When drying you can blow the excess water off the car with compressed air, leaf blower, shop vac, or other air moving device. Also be sure to get door jams, panel seams, and headlight & taillight areas.
  10. After the car is dry, you can add any other products like wax, protectant, tire shine, etc.

You can download this handy PDF to explain the process available from AmmoNYC.

What do you think?

Do you add or skip any steps? Do you recommend any wash products that keep your paint in perfect condition?

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