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Introduction to the Local Motors Rally Fighter

If you’re not familiar with Local Motors, you need to check them out. Former Marine, Jay Rogers is the CEO of Local Motors. His vision for the future is one where the global community designs your car, and you go to the factory to build it! Believe it or not, it even comes with a warranty!

The Rally Fighter is probably their best known vehicle, and you can see why. It’s aggressive stance, unique body styling and off-roading abilities make this beast an attractive self-build.

It’s no chump either. The specs call for a 430hp 6.2L V8, 4-wheel disk brakes, and 275/70R-17 tires wrapped around 17″x8″ aluminum wheels.

You can build Rally Fighter from scratch, or you can order kits starting at just under $20,000.

For those DIY’ers out there, this is an extremely tempting build. Essentially it’s a custom designed kit car that rocks. Be sure to keep an eye on the Local Motors revolution.

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