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Lotus, Caterham and A Day in the Mud

You might be thinking of a Lotus Elise immersed in mud, but that’s not exactly what’s going on. XCAR takes a journey in the history of Lotus and finds it to be much more messy that I ever thought.

Caterham is one of those brands (along with Morgan), that takes us back to the good ‘ol days of motorsports. When cars were all hand crafted, safety features included a leather helmet and goggles, and they were still very simple.

What’s interesting to me is that Caterham and Lotus have roots in the sport ‘Sport Trials’, or ‘Mud Plugging’. Much like rally racing, trialing (sport trials) is all about conquering the off-road. The main goal is to get from point-A to point-B, while always moving forward. If you stop, you fail, and your trial is over.

It sounds like a blast to me, and I would love to see some more of this.

What do you think?

Would you rather rally race, or try the old-school sport trials?

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