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Nismo Brand Steps It Up

If you’re not familiar with Nismo, it’s Nissan’s racing division. It stands for ‘Nissan Motorsport International Limited‘ and technically is pronounced, ‘Nees-Mo’. Nismo was formed back in 1984, and has participated in many racing series such as Le Mans, Super GT, FIA GT Championship and more.

If you own a Nissan, often you can find Nismo branded performance parts available for your vehicle, and they won’t void your factory warranty.


In the past few years, Nissan has started offering several Nismo branded cars, and most recently it includes a Nismo GT-R, a Nismo 370Z, and even a Nismo Juke (which they somehow improved the styling).


The big news is the new 2015 Nismo 370Z. We’ve seen a previous version of a Nismo 370Z last year, however they’ve included numerous extra features for 2015. The vastly improved body styling with lots of extra details, red Nismo accents, revised wheels, updated interior and more.



From the performance side of things, it’s more about flash and flare, then actual HP gains. Yes, the 2015 Nismo 370Z puts out an extra 18HP, but that’s mainly due to the exclusive H-tuned Nismo exhaust. When it comes down to it, this Z is really about improving the appearance and feel of the Z.



Even though the Nismo 370Z isn’t an amazingly upgraded track beast, we’re still really excited about it. Sure, with all of the ‘Nismo’ badging, you’d think there woudl be more performance to be had (especially when you compare it to the special edition 50 Jahre M5), but Nissan has pushed the styling of the 370Z beyond what the original spec and found a way to improve it even further. Nissan says the 2015 Nismo 370Z should be hitting the market in July of this year.


What do you think?

Sure, you know what we think, but what are your thoughts? Is the Nismo all flash? Is it worth the extra cash for mostly styling upgrades? You tell us.

2015 Nimso 370Z photos copyright Nissan.

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  • Nate Linder

    I think they borrowed ALOT from the GTR. Not complaining! Love the new bodystyle

    • jonmotoringbrigade

      Yeah. They’ve really done a great job pushing the look of the Nismo brand.