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Original 80s Honda CRX

We have a lot of love for Petrolicious videos here at The Motoring Brigade, and this story of and an original Honda CRX from the 80s spoke to us.

This Honda fanboy is the 27-year original owner of this CRX. Now that’s devotion. And for those of you who have been lucky enough to own one probably agree that these little hatchbacks are pretty cool.

What do you all think? Would you keep your car for 27 years, or do you get the itch for a new vehicle every few years?

Via Petrolicious

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Jon Daiello is husband, father, and an automotive nut. He loves the rumble of a motor, the intricacies of tuning, and the symphony of notes sung by a well matched exhaust. Motoring Brigade is his outlet for all things automotive.

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