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2010 Toyota Tacoma Polar Explorer

Polar Expedition Toyota Tacoma

If you’re into off-road vehicles, then RUF Auto US has the latest and greatest truck for you. They got their hands on a wild concept truck, based on a 2010 Toyota Tacoma. It’s called, the ‘Polar Expedition Concept Truck’, and it caught our eye.’



It’s History

It was designed by Ian Nisbett and built by Kieron Bradley of Lotus Engineering specifically to handle the toughest winters that Antarctica could throw at it. This truck is the real deal, not just some showroom eye candy. In 2011, it helped set the Guinness record for crossing the Antarctic ice cap in 39 hours and 54 minutes, with an average speed of 27.9mph.


The Design

The engine is a standard 4L V6, but has a TRD supercharger go make a grizzly 341bhp.  The transmission has been upgraded to handle the extra power and torque, as well as custom gearing with high and low gears. The suspension was built by world-renowned specialist Marconi, and it features extras like separate locking front and rear air differentials.

The body has been updated with military strength steel, and each panel was custom fabricated and welded by hand. The interior sports four racing seats and harnesses, and a fully insulated cabin with roll cage. It also has 4 HD camera’s, and two GPS devices that still contain the route for the Antarctic run.

It has a ~330 gallon fuel capacity, and runs on any type of unleaded gasoline, giving it a range of more than 6,000 miles! The vehicle also contains two heavy amperage batteries and a parallel solar panel system.

Want to buy this truck?

This brute of a truck is up for sale via eBay motors, but let us know what you think of this off-road beast in the comments below. As for us, we love it here at the Motoring Brigade. Or, if you love it enough, go buy it!


Photos by Thomas Briggs Photography

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