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Subaru RSTi Duet: JDM & USDM

The Subaru RS 2.5 was an awesome little addition to the Subaru line up back in the late 90s. It offered a sportier setup, more power, and more rally inspired body styling than the original Subaru Impreza. Other nations were familiar with a WRX STi version of the Impreza, but the US had been left out of the party.

Then, in 2004 the United States was finally let into the STi club, with the introduction of the Subaru Impreza WRX STi. With the massive ~300hp output, all-wheel drive, and rally inspired setup, the STi changed the landscape of sports cars by allowing teenage fanboys the opportunity to race alongside the big guns like Porsche and BMW.

I’ve always been intrigued when someone takes an older chassis and mates a newer, more powerful engine to it. And, that’s exactly what two ‘friendly’ rivals have done. They’ve taken an old 22B RS and mated newer STi drivetrains. This formula gives them roughly 300hp to a lighter weight 2,900lb chassis. Lighter + More Power: This is the legendary recipe for speed.

These rivals duke it out over whether a JDM setup is better or worse than a USDM setup. Either way, you’re making it these old, but good RS’s instantly better. If I had to choose, I might go with a JDM setup, simply because of the availability of the engines.

What do you think?

Would you consider an RSTi setup? Would you go USDM or take it all out JDM? Either way, I’m game.

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