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The Evolution of the BMW M3

It all started with the M1, and from there grew into some racing championships. In 1988, the E30 M3 hit the showrooms in America, and the 3-series would never be the same.

It may share the same bones, but the M3 has very few parts that are otherwise shared with it’s little brothers and sisters. It was really intended to be a race car for the street. The engine was based on the M1 6-cyl engine. The M3 had a four-cylinder designed for the touring class that the M3 would soon be apart of. Essentially, they just cut out 2 cylinders from the M1 engine and dropped it into the M3.

The M3 has proven itself to me a great track car, and is readily modifiable. BMW has always been at the top of my ‘must own’ list.

What about you?

Do you love the M3? Is the M3 a special car, or a ride for the snobster-rich kids? Are you a BMW fan, or hater?

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