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The Martini Mustang

This Mustang from the boys over at Pure Vision is a self-proclaimed piece of art, and rightly so. The pain-staking, subtle details really make this 60′s mustang truly one-of-a-kind.

Pure Vision designed this car with the idea that there is (or was) the potential that this car could have actually be created. They call it the ‘Anchor of Probable Reality’, and I love that idea. Hence, when you pop the hood and see that the power-plant in this beast is an old-school propriety 1966 Ford/Lotus Indy Car engine, you start to wonder. If you look back into history you find that Ford actually did some road testing of this motor in a ’67 Mustang.

We love this car, and it’s ‘Anchor of Probable Reality’. Thanks to Steve Strope at Pure Vision for taking the time out to sit with Petrolicious while they film this video.

Now it’s your turn, what do you think of the work Pure Vision did on this car? Does it hold up? Has it destroyed Lee Iacocca’s creation, or has it pushed the Mustang further along?

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