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The New 440hp Mitsubishi Evolution X FQ-440 MR

No, this isn’t some after-market, or second-hand dealer here. This is straight from Mitsubishi. This insane, 440hp Mitsubishi Evolution will be available, from the factory, as a limited-edition FQ-440 MR Special Edition model. Complete with factory warranty.

Last week, Mitsubishi Motors announced they would release the new FQ-440 in the UK to help celebrate their 40th anniversary. With this new, special edition model, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution FQ-440 MR Special Edition has a name long enough to balance out it’s insane amount of horsepower. Not only that, but it will propel the Evo X back into the market as a true dominator, and a super-car killer.

The FQ-440 MR will only be available in Mitsubishi’s ‘Frost White’, but considering how fast the car will be, you might appreciate not standing out from the crowd in bright red, or neon-blue.

Some other highlights include:

  • ECU re-map developing 440bhp at 6,800rpm and 412 lb.ft at 3,100rpm from Bespoke
  • Turbo by HKS
  • An updated exhaust system with a high-flow sports catalytic convertor courtesy of Janspeed
  • Janspeed intake & intercooler piping kit, and tubular manifold
  • High-flow fuel injectors to Mot
  • 6 pot mono-block front calipers with floating disc and bell assembly on the front along with rear caliper with floating disc and bell assembly
  • Lowered suspension for better cornering and Eibach springs
  • Forged 18” BBS alloy wheels
  • Recaro branded leather bucket seats
  • Rockford Fosgate premium audio with SD card based music server – 8 speakers + subwoofer
  • SD Card based Navigation system with 7-inch LCD touch screen

With all of these features, you’ll not only be super-car killer, but you’ll be comfortable while you see those fancy-pants cars disappear into your rear-view mirror.

The Evolution FQ-440 MR is set to arrive in the UK for about £50,000.

What do you think?

Would have one of these? Here at MB, we’re loving what Mitsubishi cooked up.

Photos courtesy of Mitsubishi UK

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