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The Supremacy of Stick Shift

Knowing how to operate a manual transmission isn’t only a ‘good thing’, we think it’s necessary. We give a few good reasons why everyone should be driving with a stick.

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Nismo Brand Steps It Up

The Nismo 370Z is beautiful, but is it really any better? We take a quick look at Nissan’s Nismo division and what it has to offer in the 2015 Nismo 370Z.

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The New 440hp Mitsubishi Evolution X FQ-440 MR

With this new, special edition model, the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution FQ-440 MR Special Edition has a name long enough to balance out it’s insane amount of horsepower. Not only that, but it will propel the Evo X back into the market as a true dominator, and a super-car killer.

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Toyota RC F GT3 Concept

Lexus RC F GT3 Unveiled at Geneva

Lexus unveiled a new GT3 concept at this year’s (2014) Geneva Motor Show. It’s based on the RC F model, and personally, I love it. They’ve done a great job taking a street car and making it look killer.

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